GNR Instrumentation Centre

Central Instrumentation Facility

University of Madras, Guindy Campus, Chennai 600 025

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Cutting research solutions available to characterize materials.


Modern spectrometers which can record spectrums in the visible and IR region is available.


Instruments to record surface morphology and crystal structure analysis are available.


Thermal and biological properties of the samples can also be studied.

Some Features

The center is equpped with some state of art equipments. The following are some featured instruments available for users.

Atomic Force Microscope

The system has the fullest advantage of core imaging modes such as Contact Mode and TappingMode enable the new research with unique nanomechanical, electrical, and chemical measurements.

Photoluminescence Spectrometer

The instrument is a unique, modular system which allows to analysis different molecualr states. It equipped with a wide range of accessories to enhance the accuracy and speed of the analysis.

FT-IR Spectrometer

The system is a fully-automated multi-spectral range system that can acquire spectra from far-infrared to visible. Novel ATR, Raman and NIR modules can be enabled without manually changing system components.

Optical Microscope

The microscope offers up to 60x air; 60x and 100x oil immersion magnification, with fluorescence, brightfield, color brightfield, and phase contrast channels for maximum application reach.

Our Instruments

Available instruments in the center.

About the Center

DST-PURSE Phase II was initiated in the financial year 2014-15 and the programme ended in the financial year 2018-19. Enhancement of research infrastructure facility, research output, University ranking, NAAC accreditation scoring, providing financial assistance to faculty and research scholars.

A central instrumentation facility under the name of an eminence scholar of this university Professor G.N.Ramachandran was established. Provided funding has enabled the repair and maintenance of equipments procured under the UCG-UPE programme, while also enabling to provide infrastructure to pool all the equipment procured under DST-PURSE, MHRD-RUSA and UGC-UPE programme at the central instrumentation facility. Also, the maintenance grant has led to computerization and networking of Research Schemes and Project (RSP) office.

The programme has facilitated the University to initiate the starter research grant of Rs. 2 lakhs each for the newly recruited faculty members, and has holistically enhanced the infrastructure facility of the science departments including library books. The funding has effectively supported the departments to plan either a conference/ workshop to train the manpower. The travel support has facilitated the faculty to attend the conferences within the country and abroad.

Our Team

Dr. D. Ravi Shankaran


Dr. N. Rajendhiran

Deputy Coordinator


Assistant Coordinator



Mr. Thirunavukarasu


Mrs. Kamatchi


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GNR Instrumentation Centre,
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